Friday, January 4, 2008

So Excited!

Okay, my creative juices are totally flowing right now, but I'm not starting anything tonight (or this weekend for that matter). Mom and I took advantage of our trip to Home Depot and Lowe's this afternoon to escape the chaos of my house for the entire afternoon. It was great fun, especially since we did some wedding shopping! I spent WAY too much money, but hey, how many times do you get married? Once, that's right. I'm spending money I don't have for my once-in-a-lifetime wedding and nobody's gonna stop me. (Does anybody sense my need for justification here for spending - I hope Rob's not reading this - over $150 on my wedding today? Ahem...).

But, enough wallowing in my vat of self-pity and on to the fun part! I will certainly post pictures of my projects as they come along, but today I came home with 20 yards of gorgeous green and purple ribbon which I will be jazzing up my new guest book, pen, ring bearer pillow, flower girl baskets, cake cutting set, and unity candle with. I also got a great start on my gifts for the BM's and, call me corny but these adorable pins to wear at the shower and rehearsal dinner... are they cute, or is it just me? Because if it's just me, I'll take them back and spare my amazing bridesmaid's my horrible taste...

I plan on doing a great before and after post including all of my DIY projects later. Don't get too excited, I can be creative on a computer, but when it comes to the real thing... well, epic fail.

And, breaking out of my mold a little bit, yay me! I will share a bit of my weekend plans, just in case I don't get around to posting and you start wondering... we will be spending this weekend screwing the subfloor down at my house (I will have new pics for sure!), registering at Sears, ordering our invitations, getting some more shelving and a treadmill (woo-hoo!) from my Grandparents, and hopefully tasting some cake for the reception. It'll be fun! Then, it's back to work... ;)

Also, I have exciting news to share... Oliver, is finally letting Dudley sleep within 3 feet of him! In fact, he actually let Dudley crawl into his pet bed and curl up next to him last night while I was catching up on Las Vegas online.... I didn't want to ruin that, so there isn't a picture, but this will at least give you an idea...

Check out Oliver's expression. He's all, "Okay, just breathe. He's here to stay and I need to accept that. Do it for mom, do it for mom." Granted, two minutes later he jumped off the couch and ran for his life, it was a moment of mommy glory! My babies are finally getting along!