Friday, January 11, 2008

Miscellaneous Friday

What an amazing day! I had so much fun and got so much accomplished, whew! It feels good! So I've got a little bit of Miscellaneous Friday for you (I know it's lacking alliteration, but it's a miscellaneous post, so it'll have to do!).
  • Baby pictures!!! I realized that I hadn't posted pictures of the babies lately, so I thought I'd give you all a dose of the cute chaos living in our house right now...
This is Oliver's infamous, "I can't believe you're taking my picture. I HATE having my picture taken, and yet you do it over and over again. Are you stupid?"

And my little Dudders, just being cute, as usual. Who can deny that face and that look of utter longing just for a lap to cuddle in? Well, I'm a sucker for it, at least.

And finally, not-so-little Sadie. She is officially bigger than Oliver and well on her way to being a big little Daddy's girl. Isn't she pretty?

  • We also went to the dress shop today to get the girls measured for their dresses for the wedding. I'm so happy with how they look in their dresses! It was so good to have Kate and Jessie in town with their mom, Fran (she's so graciously doing our flowers). So Mom, Fran, Kate, Jessie, Valerie (our future neighbor!!!), Ashley, and I all piled into a couple of cars, got some lunch and did fun girlie stuff. It was a blast! Okay, okay, on to the pictures...
Check out Kate modeling the dress. She looks great in it!

Okay, seriously Kate, you have a GREAT smile! And you look fabulous in the dress!

Dearest Valerie showing off her amazing figure and gorgeous hair!! You are so beautiful!

  • My second favorite part of the day... check out these adorable flower girl dresses. I was originally going to let them go find one themselves, but when I saw this, I melted. Little Camille and Sophia will look SO cute in it. It's like a little flower! The sash on the dress will be about the same color green as the bridesmaid's dresses and ordered in light ivory to match my diamond white dress, not pink like in the picture... So SWEET!

And the back complete with pearl buttons, bow, and all. I can't wait to see it in the right color!

  • Finally, we have a garage door!! We went to the house so Fran, Kate, and Jessie could see it. Not only was it great to see in the daylight (I love the brick), but they have the garage door on! Every day is something new and exciting, and, for the billionth time, I can't wait to see it done! Oh, and another reason God is good.... Rob and I didn't get soffit and fascia for the house because we figured Dad and Andy could do it cheaper after the house was done. Well, they made a mistake when framing and forgot to put the bird blocks in to keep the birds out of the attic. So, instead of doing the extra work to get them up there now, they are doing soffit and fascia for free! Sweet!
Our garage door!!! It makes the house look so much more complete! Oh, and check out our AMAZING driveway! It's got an awesome swirl pattern and is framed. I am really happy with it.

The girls modeling at the front door. We couldn't get inside because there was a propane tank for the heater behind it to keep it closed. So, Kate "broke in" by climbing through the window... we're so mischievous :o)