Thursday, January 3, 2008

My Biggest Vice

Everyone has something that they find irresistible. Something that they love. Their comfort food per se. For me, I wish what my vice is, wasn't my vice. Make sense? Can you guess?

Chocolate? Nope.

Ice Cream? Nope.

Coffee? Nope.

Keep guessing...

Okay, it's really not that exciting. I've kind of built it up now, haven't I? Okay. It's Pepsi. Good old carbonated, teeth-rotting Pepsi.

I, Stephanie Scott, big pink puffy heart Pepsi. Give me a chocolate bar, and can I say no? Of course. But hand me a cold, Pepsi in a glass with exactly 3 ice cubes and can I then say no? Absolutely not. Oh, and don't get me started on fountain Pepsi. I rarely get fountain Pepsi. I don't mean from restaurants. Granted, that's fountain Pepsi, but I'm talking about the good gas station fountain Pepsi, with crushed ice. Mmmm... it's heaven. I thought about making my first New Year's resolution to stop my obsession with Pepsi, but, I'm not sure I have the will power. It's that guilty pleasure, you know?

Well, I've heard all the news on Soda. It's terrible for you. Bad in all aspects. In fact, I thought I'd include some of the articles outlining the horrible drink I consume at least 3 times a week.

Yet, I still drink it. Why? Because it is so good!! Sometime in the near future, I will quit. Maybe when Rob and I move in and I have to purchase my own groceries. But, and this is directed mainly at Rob, let me drink my cancer-causing, bone-decaying, teeth-rotting soft drink to my heart's content.