Monday, June 30, 2008

A Little Handiwork

I was displaying my ability to do some handiwork around the house yesterday and I have blisters to prove it. I installed (with Rob's help, of course) handles on most of my cabinet doors in the kitchen. Notice I said "most." As in, I didn't have enough. So, I'm going to Home Depot tonight to get some more. Or did I get them at Lowes? I'll figure it out. Regardless, they look fabulous.

No home improvement project can go without a hitch. I broke a screw off inside one of the holes. Long story. Happy ending.

I'm pretty proud of myself though!

***Still waiting for pictures!!!***

Monday, June 23, 2008

I'm Baaaaaaaccccckkkk!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm married!!! What an amazing week and a half it has been! The wedding went off without a hitch and our week off of work was way too fast. But, I'll start from the beginning.

The week of the wedding was crazy. We were so busy decorating and making sure everything was ready. The rehearsal and dinner were great as well. I was really proud of myself because I never really felt very nervous beforehand. The day of, however was a different story.

I took everyone's advice and made sure I tried to take everything in as well as stayed hydrated and kept food on my stomach. We all met on Friday at the church to get our hair done at about 8am. Deanna, who is AMAZING, was there bright and early and did everyone's hair. She was literally working from 8am until 3:30pm to get everyone done. I couldn't thank her enough! She did a great job on everyone' s hair and kept a beautiful smile on her face all day long! My only pictures from the day of the wedding are of us hanging out getting ready so, here goes!

Deanna (she's gonna hate me for this picture!)

Doing our hair

Playing spoons while waiting...

Doing my makeup

Steaming my veil

I must say, also, that God is good! I literally sat and stared out the window ALL DAY as it rained CONSTANTLY from 8:30am until Clary (our photographer) got there. It didn't stop!! I was pleading with God to make it stop! He did! So, we tramped out in the wet grass in the wooded area behind the church for some pictures. I'm anxiously awaiting these! I'll definitely let you know as soon as they're posted.

The week after the wedding was a great week off. Not exactly what I had pictured, but still wonderful. Remember how I said Rob hadn't moved anything yet? And he promised he would be moved by the wedding? Well, the day after the wedding he breaks the news to me that he doesn't have any UNDERWEAR! What?! So, we head back to his parents' house to get some of his stuff. We also had a LOT of company the week after. I was hoping for some more alone time, but I still had a good time.

One thing I really loved: spending some good quality time with my babies! I got a whole week to love on them and get them used to their new house. They're loving it here! As am I!

Unfortunately, I had to head back to work today... it was bittersweet. I missed my class and am anxious to establish our routine. However, I don't want to start up the day to day boring stuff. Such is life.

More to come later!

Monday, June 2, 2008


I'm so tired. Not that I'm tired for a bad reason. This weekend was a LOT of fun. But, I'm tired. Saturday I had my bachelorette party! It was a blast. Low key, which is what I wanted. We went to Ariake Steak House and then bowling at Brunswick Zone after which we went back to Casey's house (my future sister-in-law) and just hung out. I know it doesn't sound like much fun to some, but I loved it and I'm the bride, so there. ;o)

Saturday, Rob's dad threw him a surprise party. This was AWESOME! As much as his dad complains about Rob's friends coming over (being noisy and leaving a mess) he's gonna miss it when Rob moves out! So, Don decided to have a last hurrah and had a big poker tournament with all of Rob's buddies. Us girls hung out all night and ate pizza... :o)

Sunday, we took some groceries to the house and then a birthday party for Rob's little cousins, Max, Camille, and Alexandra. It was fun! James, Camille, and Sophia practiced walking down the aisle (hallway) for the wedding. They are going to be great!

On a side note, I went grocery shopping this week. I've definitely been worried about this. We're on a budget, obviously and I was really worried about how much money it was going to cost to get all of those basic things for the house - salt, pepper, vegetable oil, etc. But, I've been clipping coupons, and I went through the ads for the week. Overall, I think I did really well! And, I LOVE Super Walmart! As much as I really don't like shopping at Walmart, you can't deny it when their prices are lower than the grocery store's on sale with a coupon!

I'm going to end this post telling you that I'm getting married next week! AHHH!!! I'm super excited and super stressed. But, after the wedding I have a week off! For now I have to get through a week of a period-induced headache (yuck!!) that hopefully doesn't turn into a migraine, again. I don't need that teaching four year olds.

With that said, I can't say I'll be posting much in the next couple of weeks. I'll definitely make one last post before the wedding, but hopefully after all of this is over I can spend some more time on here!