Monday, April 20, 2009

WOW Sandwich

World of Warcraft, that is. I'm sitting on the couch next to my hubby and my neighbor, both of which are deeply engrossed in this game that is slowly abducting husbands across the world. Ladies, watch your men. Once they start, there's not turning back!

It all started during student teaching when I was spending HOURS after school working on things for my classes. Poor Rob needed something to fill his time so he decided to start "WOWing" again. The problem is, I'm not spending hours after school on work anymore and he's still playing his fun little game... hmm...

I suppose it gives me guilt-free time to read a book!

Which, by the way, I think I'll start posting reviews on my blog.... we'll see how it goes.


Friday, April 17, 2009

A Good Read

Recently, I discovered an awesome website called Goodreads. Thank you internet gods! My favorite hobby (who has time for those?) is reading, it always has been. I go through spurts where I read constantly (now) and some times where its maybe not so much. Often the lack of activity in the world of my favorite hobby is due to the lack of time, entrancing material, or ability to move on after the end of a good relationship (with a book, that is). When I have time, and a good book, you'll likely find me reading. There are moments, though when I must mourn the publication of the final book in a great series and will abstain from diving into a new world for a little while - Harry Potter and Twilight were my most painful moments.

It's quite amazing, really, that one can become so attached to characters whose lives only exist on the pages of a book, created in the mind of some genius author who means to torment me by sucking me into his/her invention only to cut my relationship off and leave me wondering what happened for the rest of their lives. Phew, that was a long sentence...

My relationships with books are love/hate. I love meeting new "people" learning about them, and feeling the emotions that emanate from the pages as if I was right there with them. If you know me, you know I don't cry at just anything, and usually only when I'm mad or frustrated. I have a respect for a book that can make me laugh, or cry, and invoke a plethora of other feelings that I didn't know I was capable of feeling. I often stop to wonder how a word can carry so much feeling and meaning opening little places in my heart and mind I didn't know existed.

But, I digress... back to my newfound website. This place is great! I have found so many good books to read from here and I love my ability to read reviews and see what other people are reading. I am also able to write reviews for books I have read and keep tabs on my list of books I want to read.

I just finished the Mortal Instruments series and it was amazing! If you liked Twilight, I'd give this series a whirl. I'm willing to bet you'd like it too.

I'm debating beginning putting book reviews on my blog... what do you think? I don't consider myself an exceptional writer (especially of reviews) but, I know I always like to see what other people think before I dive into something. Let me know!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I finished my portfolio for school today! I've been working non-stop on this thing for the past two weeks and I'm glad to say it's finally finished!

Also, I've had my second job interview with a school district and will have my third on Tuesday. Then, onto a building interview, hopefully! I've got the inside scoop on a couple of positions and I hope something works out.

As for tonight, I've spent entirely too much time in front of my computer and I fear my eyes might just fall out of my head. I think I've got blisters on my fingertips. I'm done for tonight. Cheers!