Thursday, April 7, 2011

26-28 weeks

What is it about spring that makes things so busy? Things have been pretty non-stop which is only making this pregnancy go by all the faster and to be honest, I'm getting a little scared! 

I'M IN THE THIRD TRIMESTER!! Seriously? No, really, SERIOUSLY??? Where is this going? Where are the breaks at on this insane ride I'm on? This is going too fast. Don't get me wrong, I'm unbelievable excited (I couldn't possibly put it into words) to meet our son or daughter, but I'm not ready for this to be over! I LOVE being pregnant! I'm so enjoying this time in my life and am just soaking in every second I have. Every kick, every cramp, every ounce of indigestion.

Let's talk about baby!!

He's still an eggplant, according to my ticker, but more accurately is about 2 pounds and 15 inches long. Wow! My baby is getting so big! Development-wise, he's still just putting on lots of fat, developing his lungs, and practicing blinking. I have another ultrasound next Wednesday to make sure the cysts on his brain have disappeared and I can't wait to see him again.

As for me, over all I'm awesome. I realize I've never mentioned anything on the bad side I'm experiencing with pregnancy and I feel that's a little unfair, but to be completely honest, I'm probably one of the most laid-back pregnant ladies around. I didn't get a lot of symptoms that others get - major cravings, weird dreams, crazy mood swings. Rob tells me probably weekly that he's eternally grateful to have me as his pregnant wife. But, that's not to say I haven't had my moments. I'm definitely getting a little uncomfortable. I'm realizing the curse of my short torso and my ribs are very much protesting by the end of the day. Considering I have another 12 weeks or more until arrival, this can only get worse (yikes!). I got my first leg cramp the other night, but I managed it quite well. Unfortunately, my Dr. took me off my indigestion medicine, so I've been experiencing that lately, but it's not nearly as bad as I thought it would be (Thank you, LORD!). Also, my big toe is numb (maybe the shoes I wore the other day?) and I have a patch of numb skin right at the base of my sternum....

But, there's one more thing. I'm warning you, this is a little TMI. I'm an information junkie and spending a year trying to get pregnant definitely meant I was researching pregnancy stuff all. the. time. So, it stands to reason that I knew every pregnancy symptom out there, right? Wrong. I know about pooping during delivery, I know about hemorrhoids, I know about the constipation and crazy mucus and pretty much everything else under the sun. But, no one told me about the swelling. And I don't mean fingers and ankles, I'm talking about swelling in an area I never expected it. Let's just say that going from sitting to standing and vice versa is a little... er... uncomfortable. I shall leave it at that.

Before I write you a book, I thought I'd do my little Q&A:

How far along?: 28 weeks
How big is baby?: See above. ;)
Weight gain/loss?: 17 pounds (I'll have a better number at my appt. on Wednesday!)
Stretch marks?: Yep. But, not on my belly!
Maternity clothes?: Thank you very much!
Sleep?: Meh.
Food cravings?: Not really. I still tend to prefer sweet stuff, but not sugary sweet. More like natural sweet (honey, fruit, etc).
Gender?: We've decided on the following: I feel  like it's a boy, but I'm fully expecting a girl. 
Movement?: Still consistent and still loving it! It seems to be changing from jabs and kicks to rolling type movement though. 
Belly button?: I'm officially calling outie after a first grader at school very loudly said, "I can see your belly button!"
What are you looking forward to this week?: My last ultrasound! 

And, for your viewing pleasure... my belly! Taken today and compared with my pre-pregnancy belly.

Notice: 1) The outie and 2) Holy boobs Batman!!
Do not notice: My end-of-day-I-just-walked-the-dogs-after-getting-out-of-work hair. Thank you.

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