Sunday, January 13, 2008


I have a new second favorite movie (to Pride and Prejudice, of course)... Atonement. I had been dying to see this movie since the moment I saw the preview and found out that it was directed by the same director from Pride and Prejudice and starred Keira Knightley - in addition to it being the most "heartachingly romantic movie since Titanic". What can I say, I couldn't resist.

Well, I loved it. Granted, I'd love to see it again with Rob when I don't have to pee through the whole thing (sorry, TMI). Besides, Rob broke his "pinkie-swear promise" to take me and I went with my lovely maid-of-honor, Jocelyn. He owes me big time :o). Anyway, on to my movie review.

I had expected to come out of this movie puffy-eyed and heartbroken (at least that's how everyone made it out to be) but surprisingly, I didn't. The story is a great one - passionate, sad, angry, all at the same time. The acting is superb and Saoirse Ronan was fantastic displaying a child-like innocence mixed with an ignorant selfish side that creates the whole being of Briony Tallis. And, I must add Keira Knightley. I LOVE Keira Knightley. Granted, I do think she's a bit skinny, but I so admire her ability to portray the English language with heart-wrenching emotion and unbelievable eloquence. She has such talent for bringing a difficult script to life. And then there's James McAvoy. I mean, who can resist? Sorry Rob, but we all do it... he's yummy.

Without making this post any more long and drawn out than it needs to be, this movie was awesome. I'll definitely be buying it, and will surely be forcing Rob to watch it with me. Besides, he'll secretly love it... ;o)