Tuesday, January 8, 2008

DIY Wedding Part 1

I spent a lot of the afternoon today working on some DIY projects for the wedding. And, as promised earlier, here is part one of my big before and after post.

First, my serving set. I may try and take it to get it engraved, but we'll see. I'm not too concerned. This was my simplest project, but I still love it.



Next, is my unity candle set. I just bought a set of plain pearlized white unity candles from Hobby Lobby and dressed them up with ribbon using straight pins. The little pearl in the middle of the big candle is actually a hat pin!


After! You'll have to excuse the lopsided candle, I have some adjusting to do with the stand - as well as some decorating

My last project of the day, was James' ring bearer pillow.


After! I got this from Michael's, cut the rings off of it and wrapped it in ribbon, then put the rings back on using a small purple ribbon. I love it!

More to come in the near future! I'll be doing the flower girl baskets, guest book, and guest book pen!