Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Welcome our newest member of the family...

Sadie came home today! She is a doll and is already making a name for herself. She's a chewer and a player, and can be a bit of a bully with Dudley at times... but she's learning! Needless to say, Oliver isn't happy... he's being very protective of his house and James. Anytime Sadie comes near James, he goes nuts! It's kind of funny really.

So, let the chaos begin!

Sadie and Daddy

Sadie checking out her new home

This picture describes perfectly Oliver's feelings about the past week... in Oliver talk: "I HATE you right now."

On the bright side however, I think Oliver has taken on a bit of a protective role with little Dudley. I may actually venture to say he's warming up to him... knock on wood.

Another little bit of good news... Clary just e-mailed me and our photo book is in the mail!!! Woo-hoo!