Thursday, December 27, 2007


A couple of years ago (April '06, I believe) I started getting laser hair removal. Now, I was the perfect candidate. I'm fair-skinned with really dark hair. I paid $1500 to get my legs, bikini line (TMI, I know), underarms, and upper lip done. I didn't really like going to the sessions, but it seemed to be working fine and in the end I was pretty happy. Well, in January - about 3-4 months after my last treatment - I noticed it starting to grow back. They gave me a free treatment in July and, again, it was okay. Well, now it's grown back again. It's like I never had anything done. And, the best part, they won't do anything for me. Apparently, I signed a consent form (when I was 19 and stupid) and now I'm screwed. I asked for a full refund, and when they said no I asked for a partial refund. They are refusing to do anything. I'm so upset. I'm literally out $1500 (most of the debt I carry - which is really stressing me out) and have nothing to show for it. I thought about going to the Better Business Bureau, but I don't know what they can do. Lesson learned, right? Well, that 's not how I feel right now. But, to all you unsuspecting readers, don't go to St. Peters Family Medicine, LLC to get laser hair removal, they'll screw you over. End of story.