Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas Traditions

I LOVE Christmas and a big part of it is the traditions, of course! You know, those things that only come once a year, but it's soooo worth it? For example:

  • Pull-Apart Cake (A.K.A. Monkey Bread) - We get this once a year on Christmas morning and I LOVE it! It's absolutely, hands down one of my most favorite things about Christmas!
  • Getting new PJ's - This sounds ridiculous, but I love getting new PJ's every Christmas. I've always gotten them and it was so exciting to me! Check out this years...

In this material:

  • I also love sitting around the house in my brand new PJ's all day until it's time to go see family. It's the one day a year I allow myself to do this!
  • Another one of my favorite traditions is decorating the tree. We are Hallmark ornament fanatics (you should see our basement...) and, call me cliche, but I enjoy putting them on the tree and remembering what the ornament is for and when we got it. It's such a great time!
I could go on and on, but you get the idea. I love Christmas! I hope everyone has a happy and safe Christmas!