Wednesday, December 5, 2007

My New Found Talent

I've always loved scrapbooking, the way it looks, the idea of keeping your memories in a way that tells a story. I tried scrapbooking and, quite frankly, was bad at it. I was so afraid of making a mistake and the money I was losing if I did, that it wasn't worth it. Until...

I discovered my blog and decorating it. I've taken the ideas from Julia, Suzanne, and the Shabby Princess and discovered my new talent. Using the papers form the Shabby Princess, I made the title picture of my blog. This was my first real attempt at Photoshop and my first real attempt at "virtual scrapbooking." But it makes total sense! I'm great with computers! I'm marrying a computer geek! I love scrapbooking! Why not scrapbook on the computer? Eureka!!!

So, I made my second piece of scrapbooking art - the next title picture for my blog to celebrate the new year and am quite proud of it. I was going to wait until it was time to put it on my blog for the big reveal, but I'm impatient and pretty proud of it, so I'm showing it early. Now don't get your hopes too high, it's not that great, but I'm happy with it!

Here it is!

I really like it! Now I really can't wait until I have more time on my hands to try it out with some of my pictures. After tomorrow!!! I'll surely be posting some of my creations!

Now, I'm off to do homework. I'm really gonna do it. I have to resist the internet. Must do it. It's my last one!!! Okay, I'm going. Have a great evening everyone!