Wednesday, December 5, 2007

I'm Worried...

So, I'm very excited about getting Dudley. I can't wait to meet him and I know I'm going to love him to death. But now that I know we're getting him, I'm really starting to worry about Oliver...

He's my baby! My first born, if you will and I am so afraid that he won't get along with Dudley or he'll get all mad at me when I first bring him home. Obviously, Dudley will get a lot of attention,

1. Because he's a puppy and will need to be housebroken, trained, etc.

2. Because he's new

My biggest reason for getting a second dog is for Oliver to have a friend and now I'm worried that Oliver won't like Dudley. I've never had more than one dog before and so I don't know really how to handle it. I'll be sure to give Oliver plenty of attention, but I am so sensitive about it! I get all upset everyday about the fact that Oliver always wants to go to sleep in my mom and dad's bed at night instead of mine.

Mom says it's because he likes me to come and get him and that he sleeps in my bed all day long, but still!! He's MY baby!!

Someone ease my mind a bit please!

On a lighter note, today is my last day of Art Methods. I turn in a project for that class tonight, a project for math tomorrow, have my last Reading class and my last Math class tomorrow and hopefully will get my Social Studies project done in time for tomorrow. Then a History of Film class next Thursday, and I'm DONE!!!! WOO-HOO!!!

Also, Jocelyn comes home two weeks! Yay! We miss you!