Thursday, November 29, 2007

We Have a Foundation!!

They poured our foundation yesterday!!! Now it's really starting to become real! I have a visual of how our house sits on the lot. This is very exciting!!! I have a ton of pictures. I know they aren't much to look at, but I'm trying to take a lot to really document the process. All of the directions (i.e. right/left) are from the stance of the front of the house. So if I say this is the right side, that means it's the right side as if you were facing the front of the house.

The back right corner (aka kitchen and breakfast room)

Our Backyard (the street you see is the court behind us) I'm standing in the VERY large part of the back yard

The back from the court

The right side

Back right corner (again)

Front right corner (aka garage)

Front right corner - our garage (I'm facing the front of the house now)

The front - right side of pic is garage, middle is front porch, left is 3rd bedroom/office

Front again - garage

Full front - garage right, porch middle, office/bedroom left

I hear it goes really fast from here, so be expecting lots of updates!