Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I'd like to post a disclaimer regarding my posts in my blog. I'm a sarcastic person. That is part of my personality that has really emerged since I started dating Rob. However, I am usually not very sarcastic unless I'm in an extremely comfortable environment - I don't want to offend anyone! But this blog thing is a whole new ballgame! I feel like I can totally be myself, even though I'm extremely exposed to everyone. It's kind of liberating. Even on the message board I frequent I'm not my sarcastic self, because I'm always afraid to tick someone off.

Therefore, I feel I must post a disclaimer:

If in any way, I offend a reader of my blog, I'm sorry, I in no way meant to, but hey, I have my moments and if you don't like it you don't have to read.

That said, two down one to go! WOO-HOO!!! I'm so excited! I just finished my cross-curricular project for Social Studies methods. I'm so ready to be done with these methods classes. I hate sitting through science listening to how to teach science to elementary school kiddos - at least that's what they are supposedto be teaching in this class - when I'm going to be a middle school math teacher. I'm so ready to be done.

And... they start building our house in two days!

Have a great evening everyone!