Sunday, April 20, 2008

Weekend in Review

What a great weekend! Aside from my incessant coughing, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Saturday, I got up and forced Rob to go out to the house with me and do some work while the weather was nice. I say force because Rob rarely voluntarily goes out to our house to do anything. Maybe its a male/female thing. I can almost always think of something to do out there, whether it be cleaning or organizing or just sitting and enjoying MY house. It's quiet out there. I don't get quiet time very often. About 20 minutes after we got there and watched the informational video on our new security system, Rob sits on the couch and, as I'm putting away all of HIS winter clothes that HE wanted to bring out, says, "Are you ready to go yet? I'm bored." Cue "the staredown." I'm not done yet, therefore you must suffer. Now I'm on a mission to find more to do. Tee hee.

Saturday night we enjoyed dinner at Roadhouse with my brother and sister-in-law, then came back to the house and relaxed. It was great.

Today, I got up and went to Sunday School at church, since I was going to miss the service and headed out to the Square One Brewery to meet some fellow Blogging (and non-blogging) friends. This was my first get together and, in addition to being extremely nervous about driving in St. Louis with a fear of having a coughing spell, I was very nervous about meeting all of these women who I've become such good friends with online. You may remember, I'm really shy. I refused to be shy today and tried my best to be a little outgoing. I'd say I was somewhat successful. Anywho, check us out after a DELICIOUS breakfast and quite a few funny stories.

From left to right, back row: Donna, Brigid, Julia, Ame, Christie, Jen, and Me.
Front Row: Teresa, Amber, Lauren, Kristal, Mary, and Meghan.

I definitely plan on going back to the restaurant, and I hope to eventually make it to another G2G.

This afternoon, however, was a different story. Rob and I decided we'd brave the crowds and head to the Zoo with Ryan and Stephanie. Big mistake. I was warned at the G2G that it was Earth Day. I did not know, however, that they were having a festival for it at Forest Park. So, after sitting on Hampton for and hour and a half just going the mile and a half from I-44 to Forest Park, we decided it wasn't worth it and headed home.

But the evening perked up when we found out that Jeff and Casey (Rob's brother and sister-in-law) are going to buy us a grill for our wedding gift! We are SUPER excited! Also, we headed to Linens-n-Things and ordered a bedroom set. We found it on sale in the ad this week and couldn't pass up the deal. It is VERY similar to the one we registered for except WAY cheaper. We got the comforter, two regular shams, two euro shams, a bed skirt, and two accent pillows for $65! I love it!

Now we start the week over again... but, that just means we are one more week closer to the wedding! 8 weeks and counting!