Monday, February 4, 2008

Countdowns and Random Miscellany

I have so much to look forward to in the next 6 months. It's fun because I have random countdowns everywhere I go on my computer. Here's my list, in order of their arrival:

  1. 12 days until my dear friend, Samantha's, bridal shower (yay!)
  2. 15 days until our house is supposed to be done
  3. 23 days until we close on our house (and get to start looking at furniture!)
  4. 1 month, 18 days until my bridal shower (double yay!)
  5. 2 months, 1 day until Chris and Samantha's wedding (I can't wait!)
  6. 3 months, 11 days until school's out!
Okay, nothing can compare to the last one, so I'm gonna stop there. The main reason for so many countdowns? It gets me through to the wedding! I feel like I'm taking it step by step, reaching each goal as it comes. We're 18 weeks away! I can't believe it, but I couldn't be more happy. In the mean time, I'll enjoy the events that are in between.

And since I'm too lazy to make another post about it, Rob and I made our first "big" purchase for the house! We've been really careful about buying stuff until we close, because EVERYTHING matters, but we couldn't pass up this deal:

Our mattress!! It's not much, but I'm happy with it:

It's a Sealy Posturepedic Sedona Springs "Ultra Plush" queen size mattress. We got it for $489 (both the mattress and boxspring) with a $100 off coupon at Costco. Woo-hoo! I love a bargain!

We're also hoping to find a nice bedroom set for a decent price. I'm currently loving this one:

It's from Costco (I love Costco!) and at $2,000 for a 6 piece (bed, 2 nightstands, dresser, mirror, and chest) it isn't half bad (I don't think...). But, we were kind of hoping to catch one of those sales at a furniture store where they give you no interest financing for 3 years. The only way to finance at Costco is to open an American Express... we'll see.

Wouldn't the bed set we registered for look great with it???

I can't wait to start decorating the house... :o)