Wednesday, February 6, 2008


...progress on the house! I ran out to the house today after work because they are supposed to put the carpet in tomorrow and I wanted to make sure there weren't any random nails sticking out of the floor. There were quite a few surprises awaiting my arrival. Let me start from the beginning though.

Getting in the house is always fun. They have it master-keyed, but we can usually get in through the backyard. Well, with the ridiculous amount of precipitation we've gotten, we couldn't get to the back door. Believe me I tried and literally ended up sunk in mud up to my ankles... lovely. So, after taking care of my mud-packed shoes, we ran back to the office to get the master key (should have done that in the first place, right?). But, eventually we made it in, I stripped off my shoes and socks (luckily I was wearing two pair and wasn't completely barefoot) and went in. Let the fun begin!

The first thing I hear when I walk in the house? "Your microwave is in!" WOO-HOO!!! One of the more exciting moments in the house-building process.


Next, I find my DISHWASHER!! Double yay!!

And the Range must be somewhere... HERE!!

As well as our faucets throughout the house (the garbage disposal works by the way)

Rob's pride and joy, the hookups for the surround sound...

Light fixtures...

Our kitchen chandelier! Beautiful!

Double whammy with this picture: lights that work, and shelving in our closet!!

Also, all the lightswitches and plugs have plates on them, our doorbell works (I rang it!), our thermostat is in, and all the smoke detectors are up, as well as the toilets, mirrors, shower doors, curtain rods, etc. Phew. I can't wait to go out tomorrow or Friday and see if the carpet is in!