Monday, February 18, 2008

Belated Valentine's Day

Rob and I have always celebrated Valentine's Day, but never on the day itself. It usually works out that way with most holidays and occasions. We figure that just because the calendar says it's on February 14th, doesn't mean we have to celebrate it on that day.

We didn't do anything major this year, but I did want to share Rob's gifts for me. I'm so freaking happy!!!

First, he got me a pair of earrings. They are beautiful and if I weren't a lazy bum, I'd pull them out of my ears, take a picture, and post them, but I don't feel like it. I lost one of my diamond earrings he gave me a couple of years ago (I was so upset!) and he felt like he should make an effort to replace them... they're beautiful.

My favorite gift? Not that the earrings weren't amazing.... You may remember that Rob got this fancy new piece of technology that allows him to paint on his computer. Well, I asked him to paint me a picture. 2 1/2 months later, it's finished. And, it's is unbelievable. I LOVE it.

The big reveal.....

Isn't it awesome? It looks ten times more amazing in real life (18x20). The detail is incredible and he put so much work into it. He wants to sell his art and I definitely think he should. Happy Valentine's Day to me! (and everyone else...) :o)