Sunday, February 3, 2008

Computer Magic

Without sounding too confident, I consider myself to be pretty tech-savvy. I'm marrying a computer geek for crying out loud, what do you expect? But, I discovered this new program called Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and it's AMAZING. I love photography and have done my share of experimenting with my measly camera (okay, it's not measly, but it's certainly not professional). I do love my camera, though. It's a Canon SD900 10mp beauty. I LOVE it.

I enjoy taking it to the Botanical Gardens and the Butterfly House, but I've only had it for a year so I haven't gotten to do that much. All of the pictures I'm posting today are from my old Canon S50 5.0mp. Which I loved almost as much.

Back to the program. I've always wondered how photographers can get their pictures to look so good. Obviously, much of it is pure talent, but I'm sure there's a little technical work involved. And, apparently this program is popular in the world of professional photography. I don't know for sure if it is or not, but it sure made some of my pictures look a lot better fiddling around with it. Now, mind you, I'm certainly no expert at what makes a good picture, but I think these few look infinitely better!

It's kind of hard to see, but this is a "Photo-Stitch" of the view from the "tower" at the Botanical Gardens, Before:


Just a building at the Botanical Gardens, Before:


Another shot of the Botanical Gardens, Before:

Rob's favorite picture of himself :o) at the Butterfly House, Before:


An orchid at the Butterfly House, Before:


Another orchid shot, Before:


I'm in love with this program! And it's so easy to use! All I did is play around with the settings and Voila! better looking pictures! (At least I think they look better...)

I'm excited to see what I can do with some of my other favorites...

Since it's kind of on the same lines... I thought I'd post my latest scrapbook page... Definitely not my best work, but I'm still playing with it. I LOVE the layout, but I can never figure out how to get my pictures to look like they belong... any suggestions to a scrapbooking rookie?