Thursday, February 7, 2008


Ran out to the house today to check out the carpeting. WOW!!! Now it really looks more finished. It was weird walking into the house and taking our shoes off. We've hit another bump in the road though. I got a call from our new sales agent which, by the way, ticks me off to begin with because I really liked our first one and they up and switched them around leaving us with someone who hasn't been through the process with us. But, I digress...

As I was saying, the sales agent called and wanted to set up our appointment for our final walk through. Sure, in a couple of weeks, about a week before closing, right? Nope. They want to do the final walk through the day before we close. Um, what if something needs to be fixed? What if that thing that needs fixing will take longer than one day to fix? Then whatcha gonna do, huh, huh, huh? I'm not signing closing papers until the house is to my satisfaction and that's that. But apparently that's the way it's done. Fine. So I went up today and did my own little mini walk through, one of many, and made a nice little list of things for them to fix. We'll see if it gets done...

I have to admit, people, I about lost it today. You see, my brain has reached it's capacity. The pounding headache I am currently experiencing is just physical evidence that it can't handle any more. In computer terms, I need more hard drive space with a ton more RAM (that one's for you babe...). When I've got school (19 hour class load) and keeping up with homework, working 20 hours a week at least, taking care of wedding stuff, and building my house (for which I do the majority of business things - phone calls, paper work, etc.) (and blogging!), I feel like I've hit my max. So one more think about shoved me past my limit. What's that thing? Some of our windows won't close and lock, and there is an issue with the banister. Seems small, right? Nope, getting them to fix anything is a pain. My first list has been left untouched. So, here I sit hoping my list will be given some amount of attention and praying that things get fixed so I don't have to think about it anymore.

We'll see... Now, on to the pictures!!!

The view of the great room from the foyer (pardon the mess...)

James breaking in the new carpet :o)

The linoleum transfer to the carpet (Looks great!!)

James checking out the master bath

Hopefully everything goes off without any more problems... say a prayer!