Sunday, February 3, 2008

Snow Fun!

We enjoyed a little taste of winter this week. I love snow and how pretty it is, but those of you who know me, know I HATE the cold. So it was bitter-sweet. On the other hand, I got to live my childhood again going out to play with James and going sledding with Rob and a few other friends. I sucked it up and swallowed my utter repulsion of the cold, put on a good 10 layers of clothing including camouflage coveralls and snow boots to run around the backyard in the snow with James. Unfortunately, since I was the one out there playing, I didn't get any pictures on my camera (mom did though and I'll try and steal them later) but I'm sure the mental image you are creating in you head is sufficient for a good laugh :o).

Our sledding experience did a great job of making me realize why our parents stood around and watched more than joined our sledding expeditions as kids. It's exhausting! The trip down the hill is absolutely exhilarating, but that walk back up is torture. And, how come I never remember waking up this sore when I was a kid? I must have a bruise the size of a grapefruit on my butt. Once again, I was cold and lazy and failed to get pictures of what would have been an event worthy photographically recording.

However, the puppies are thoroughly enjoying the white stuff. Dudley was a little unsure at first, considering it was pretty much up to his eyeballs, but after watching Sadie and Oliver gallivanting around having a good time he couldn't bear to stand on the sidelines any longer.

Dudley Checking out the Snow ("You mean I have to pee in this?")

"This is kind of cool!"

"Haha, I can walk through the snow - you little munchkins have to jump."

She has snow on her nose in this picture

Dudley is so excited he can't stand still

Still moving

I give up
Sadie and Dudley playing
Needless to say, our backyard snow isn't very pretty anymore - although, there's really not much there anymore...