Thursday, April 17, 2008

One of those weeks...

I'm sick. I've been sick since Saturday night as I mentioned before. I successfully overcame the stomach flu and was making my way back to eating normal meals when the congestion started. Now instead of barfing, I feel like I have a ton of bricks sitting on my chest and I sound like a boy going through a voice change when I talk. Yeah, the kids in the math class I was teaching yesterday thought it was quite funny. Not really.

Ahh... yesterday. Yesterday, I woke up sounding like an emphyzemic man and was tired and groggy. I blame this for backing into a trailer when leaving for work. Perfect. Not only was I sick, hungry, and running late for a fun filled day with 14 year olds, but I back into a trailer. Cue Dad. Dad brings good news... we should be able to buff the damage out. No dents or anything, and wouldn't you know it? The trailer is fine. Good, I've avoided a $500 deductible to fix my car.

Now I'm sitting in class blogging just to hang on to consciousness and praying for health again.

Look on the bright side, it's a beautiful day, tomorrow is Friday, and this weekend we're hoping to hit the zoo and I finally get to meet all of my "cyber friends." Let's hope this illness doesn't progress to Whooping Cough or something. At the rate I'm going, it wouldn't surprise me.

In the mean time I'm basking in the coming summer weather. Check out the next 5 days! We're almost hitting 80 next week! That's my kind of weather.