Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The IRS Sucks

So the government decided to intervene and boost the economy with some fabulous stimulus checks. When I heard this news, I was ecstatic! I thought, heck yeah! I could use an extra $600 bucks! Too good to be true? It is for me! Me and probably millions of college students out there who are currently ticked at the IRS.

Apparently, I won't be getting a dime and neither will my parents. You see, they claimed me as a dependent, as they should since I still live at home and she still plays a big part in supporting me. So, since they claimed me as a dependent, I don't get anything. That's okay, they can have the $300 bucks for me being their child. Um... NO! I'm over 17, so tjeu doesn't get anything either! So basically, we're getting screwed out of the government's genius plan to boost the economy.