Saturday, April 26, 2008

Can I help you?

Yes, I know, I'm supposed to do my big post. But, I'm currently stuck at Rob's house, away from MY computer, with MY pictures on it to make the big post. So, you're just going to have to wait. Sorry.

In the mean time, Oliver has something to say...

Hi everyone, this is Oliver. I've had a little something on my mind for a while. You know, this year's been pretty rough for me. I mean, my Mom is getting married, which is cool because I love Dad, but then they decided to build this house. Now they never spend any time with me! They are trying to get this house ready for after the wedding. You mean them getting married means I have to MOVE? What? I never agreed to this! Then, they pushed it too far... they thought I'd like a companion. Someone to play with. Now I have this annoying little thing called Dudley sleeping in bed with Mom and me, where I used to sleep. I don't like it one bit! Mom swears it'll be fun! Um, guess what mom, there's no grass in the backyard! I'm not peeing or pooping on mud! And, there's no fence which means every time she tries to take me out to go pee in the mud, I have to be on that stupid leash. I've made it my goal for now to show my disgust for this whole situation by refusing to show any positive emotion whatsoever. I think she finally gave up trying to get me to look happy in a picture. But, maybe this whole thing won't be so bad after all? Mom says it'll all be okay after the wedding. She says we'll all move out to the new house (including Dudley) and they'll put up a fence, and get some sod and I'll have the backyard to play in. I'm still skeptical. Maybe I'll just go poop behind the chair and blame it on Dudley... yup, sounds like a plan. Peace out.

Don't believe a word he says people! He's just too stubborn to admit he's excited.

And, I promise, as soon as I can I'll get that post going.... I took the pictures today. Don't get your hopes too high though for an amazing transformation because it's really not THAT great.