Thursday, December 13, 2012

Baby #2's Birth Plan

We were so grateful that Evelyn's birth went perfectly. It was everything I could have dreamed of. As you may have noticed, I've been a bit of a worry wart about this pregnancy. I guess the idea that I could have more than one perfect birth seems impossible. I know that's crazy-talk, but it still brings the "what-if" monster out. I thought I'd at least share our birth plan for this baby anyway.

I'll make the obligatory disclaimer about the unpredictability of labor and delivery and that things may not necessarily adhere to my plan. But, my feelings are that I need to have an answer for the different scenarios in case I am presented with the option. I'd rather get there and be prepared than not. Also, I have faith that my body can do what it is meant to do.

Here is my birth plan from Evelyn. I love reading these old posts and seeing how I refer to her as a "he." We didn't know and I was pretty sure she was a boy. Ha! I find myself wondering who I'm referring to when I say "he" only to remind myself of our lack of gender knowledge!

I feel pretty much exactly the same way about this labor and delivery. In fact, reading it again has sort of refreshed that passion I had with her labor and delivery. I'll add a few more things that we actually ended up doing with Evelyn but I never mentioned in the birth plan.

In addition to requesting no IV/Epidural, freedom of movement, alone time, etc.:

  1. I'd like to wear my own clothes (wasn't an issue last time)
  2. I'd like as few vaginal exams as possible and the minimum required fetal monitoring. Let me clarify that I want to make sure my baby is okay, but I don't feel it is necessary to be monitored every second of labor. I believe the 20 minutes out of every hour is sufficient unless otherwise indicated.
  3. We would like the option for a water birth if desired. The hospital where we are delivering at was allowing these throughout this year, but has temporarily put them on hold. Not because of an issue but because ACOG recently released a statement stating that there wasn't enough evidence to support water births. They did not, however, seem to find it necessary to mention that there is no evidence AGAINST a water birth. Most evidence supporting them is based outside of the US and they don't find that sufficient. I'm frustrated to say the least. But, we did it once without, we can do it again!
  4. No episiotomy
  5. Let the cord stop pulsating before clamping/cutting and also allow the placenta to deliver spontaneously.
  6. Immediate skin-to-skin after birth and allowance for breastfeeding as I feel is necessary. Any APGAR exams can take place on my chest. Weights and measures can be taken afterward.
  7. (New this time) I think we will be requesting that the baby not be bathed right away. Let me say that Evelyn was bathed early on and she is perfectly healthy. She's hardly been sick and I don't regret it. However, there is a lot of information in regards to the protective properties of the vernix that is on babies after they are born. This post gives a nice outline of some of those benefits along with some studies backing the info up.
That's it for now. Like I said, most of it is kind of expected with a med-free birth and most of it we got last time without really asking. I just thought I'd outline it for anyone who was wondering.

And, I had an ultrasound this week which totally didn't help my worrisome self this time around, but more on that later. For now, let's all fawn over a baby foot!