Monday, December 17, 2012

#2: 28 Weeks

{You're getting me in all my post-shower, PJ glory this week!}

How far along: 28 weeks

How big is baby: An eggplant. Baby's lungs are mature enough that, if born right now, she has a pretty good chance of surviving. Her skin is still pretty wrinkly (one byproduct of living in amniotic fluid) but will smoothen as fat continues to deposit.

Weight gain/loss: Not sure. At least 27 lbs.

Stretch marks: None yet this time. But, I'm sure they'll come.

Sleep: Starting to get uncomfortable. I'm sleeping through the night generally, but never really feel rested. We have a pretty firm mattress and it puts a lot of pressure on my hips. I loved my mattress until I got pregnant. I've hated it ever since.

Diet/Cravings/Aversions: Food in general sounds yummy!

Movement: Still lots. A ton of kicks on my right side which I never had with Evelyn but still all over the place too.

What I'm worrying about: I had an ultrasound last week that showed baby to be frank breech. Basically, his/her bum was down and feet were up by his/her head instead of crossed in the fetal position. I had a bit of a freak out moment in the ultrasound room. I also got a little peeved with the technician because when I expressed my concern she said, "Oh don't worry, the baby will be fine. They'll just do a c-section." Gah! I know the baby will be fine, but I have no intentions of a c-section! I know I'm being totally selfish, but that is not what I wanted to hear and I really thought it was a little harsh. The birthing process is very important to me and I'm not just going to resign myself to a c-section. Especially this early on. That is the key thing I had to realize. It's still very early. In fact, the more I paid attention to movement, I still think the baby is flip-flopping all over the place. It doesn't completely ease my worry, but I'm not feeling so emotional about it. I'm trusting that this baby and my body will figure things out in the end. I'm also figuring out that this pregnancy is not Evelyn's pregnancy. She had settled head down and stayed there (with her cute little butt in my ribs) at 28 weeks.  

I've got some exercises I'm doing to help with the breech issue, but I'm just forcing myself to let it be for now.

Also, I'm considering switching to a midwife at a birth center. I'm going to a "meet the midwives" session on Wednesday and we'll see how I feel then. My OB hasn't done anything wrong or anything, I'm just not feeling the hospital birth in my gut like I did before. Especially since they pulled the plug on water births. We'll see. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that my insurance will cover a midwife in either a birth center or home birth setting. Unfortunately, Rob isn't on board with the home birth thing, but at least I should be covered at the center if we decide to go that direction.

What I'm loving: Movement. Seeing my baby on an ultrasound. The thought of being a family of four (six if you could the boys) and Evelyn having a sibling. Love.

Symptoms: Hip pain and general achiness. Pretty good otherwise! 

What I'm looking forward to: The meeting this week for the birth center! I'm really looking for the feeling of peace in regards to where I'm going to have this baby. I'm hoping I'll find what God has planned for me there.

Best moment of the week: Seeing baby on ultrasound even if he/she did give me quite the cause to worry. Finding out about more options with my insurance.