Friday, November 30, 2012

Evelyn June: 17 Months

This has been a month of great change and learning! I truly feel that one of the greatest joys of motherhood is watching your child grow and learn through experiencing new things. To stop and think about seeing the world through their eyes is really mind-altering.

You are such a little sponge! You love to mimic people and things and you love showing off your newfound tricks. You have taken to being Mama's little helper and we even implemented some daily chores. It may take us longer doing it together in the long run, but you love to help and I think it's good to start early. You help me empty the dish washer every morning by handing me the silverware and plates. You even put away the Tupperware because you know right where it goes. Then you clap for yourself because you are especially proud! You also help me sweep the floor and you will sometimes put your toys away.

You are so curious! If there is something new, you love to check it out and see how it works. This is good and bad of course. You aren't the biggest fan of your toys in general and prefer playing with anything but. You do love your books though and are finally starting to sit through one while I read it. You often go to your book drawers first thing in the morning. This is good to keep you busy while I make breakfast.

You are getting to know what food you prefer more and are still a big fan of fruit as well as tomatoes. We have to be careful though because your hiney is still so sensitive! You don't seem to care for sweet potatoes or green beans (two of Mama's favorite foods) but will eat broccoli and other veggies just fine. You have transitioned to cow's milk at meal times because we finally used up our freezer stash of breastmilk. Thankfully, you didn't bat an eye! You have also gotten quite good at using a fork and spoon!

You still love your baby doll and blankies and are sleeping quite well. You typically go to bed sometime around 7 and are up for the day around 8. We recently broke you of your pacifier to go to bed but being sick this past week has made going to sleep a little more difficult. The only time your get your pacifier is at nap time!

Your speech is still growing! You now say "all done", "there it is!", "here you go", "wash", "hi", "ball". You also love to sing and dance. You will sing and dance with your fridge magnet ABC's and also with me when I sing you fun songs. You know pat-a-cake and get so excited to get to the part where you pat your legs.

You are becoming more interested in the potty and will usually come and "help" me by giving me toilet paper and helping to pull up my pants. You still haven't shown any correlation to knowing when you go or interest, but I bought a seat to go on ours when you are ready.

Unfortunately, you have taken to throwing little tantrums when you aren't happy about something and we're taking them day by day.

Overall you are so happy! You smile and laugh and talk to yourself constantly. You are, thankfully healthy and still a little tall but are definitely losing your baby chunk which makes me sad. I can't wait to see how you interact with your new brother or sister and how our impending transition to a big girl bed goes. Keep smiling sweet pea! Your laughter and happiness are infectious!

{She loves the snowman!}