Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Getting My Nerd On: Sneak Peek

I promise, I haven't so quickly given up on blogging! I've been working quite busily on updating my look. This means a lot of photoshop and a lot of HTML/CSS. AKA, my inner nerd is just giddy with excitement right now. I thought I'd share a little sneak peek of how things are going. I think I finally settled on my header/color scheme. This could absolutely change, but I'm kind of loving it right now and the overall look of things.

Here you go!

Pretty sweet huh?

Some other things I've been cooking up:
  • New background/color scheme as a whole
  • Social media icons
  • Better links to certain, (what I think are) popular topics
  • A new snazzy navigation bar
Is there anything in particular you like to read that I should make buttons for? Are there things you look for on a blog to make it easier to read? As much as I write this for myself, I do get some slight satisfaction knowing that others are enjoying it as well. And I, of course, love making new friends! I know I have a few of you out there, but just thought I'd ask! It's a work in progress, but hopefully I will be able to unveil it before the end of the year. I have quite a few things still to polish as well as some updated pictures of the family I need to take. Oh, and you can look forward to a few tutorials as well. I'm not promising they will be the right way to do it, but so far things seem to be working. Is there anything anyone as ever wanted to learn how to do?