Monday, November 26, 2012

#2: 25 Weeks

{I cut my face out on purpose. The hormonal/stress acne hit with a vengeance. It just wasn't pretty. And This shirt definitely isn't maternity. What can I say?}

How far along: 25 weeks

How big is baby: A cauliflower. That oh-so-handy sense of equilibrium is kicking in and baby's learning to distinguish right-side-up from upside-down.

Weight gain/loss: At least 23lbs. And after Thanksgiving, I'm not sure I want to know. I haven't weighed myself and I'm trying not to stress myself out about it. I need to trust my body!

Stretch marks: None yet this time. But, I'm sure they'll come.

Sleep: Still ready for bed at, like, 8. But, sleeping fairly well. Dreams are crazy though. I kind of look forward to my nightly adventures in dreamland. They usually are quite hilarious.

Diet/Cravings/Aversions: Leaning toward the sweet side. Not cake and cookies sweet, but fruit sweet. Still milk (super cold) and Starbucks hot chocolate. Maybe I need to find some ways to increase my calcium?

Movement: All the time! Still loving every second. 

What I'm worrying about: Getting everything done before the baby comes. I need to finish Evelyn's big girl room. I haven't done anything with it since I started back to blogging and I have quite a bit of work to do. We also are trying to tackle the basement. Eek. I've been nesting a lot which is nice. I feel very productive. 

Also, I've been dwelling on the fact that at my last OB appointment she told me that the hospital we will deliver at is putting their water births on hold. Having a water birth was something I was really excited about and it's really just not done around here unless you birth at home. I'll get more into my birth plan and reasoning in another post, but I'm super disappointed that I might not get to have that experience. She said it's not because something happened or a safety issue. The hospital stated that there isn't enough evidence based in the US to support having them. They also admitted that there isn't really any evidence against them. Sigh. This is even after they had had about a dozen successful water births since they started them in June. Maybe they will change their minds by then. But, I've done it once before without water, I can do it again!

What I'm loving: How my pregnancy has landed. I'm so excited for a March baby! I get to be in the glorious second tri all through the holidays and then I know the third tri will fly by through my most hated months of January and February. We'll be welcoming baby just in time for the end of the ugly winter months and looking toward spring. I'm hoping we have enough yucky winter days to not feel bad about hanging on the couch for a couple of weeks after and that we'll get some warm days just in time for me to get up and get some walking in.

Symptoms: They've kind of subsided a bit. Heartburn is still there but mild. The Braxton Hicks have slowed down thankfully. I'm in the 2nd tri glory days. 

What I'm looking forward to: Making progress of Evelyn's room. Getting newborn things out again. Christmas. 

Best moment of the week: Our annual post-Thanksgiving day of decorating! I  love seeing the house all ready for Christmas.