Friday, November 2, 2012

Evelyn June - 16 Months

Not off to a good start being late here, are we? It's been so long since I've written a monthly post and the months fly by so quickly that I almost completely missed her 16 month birthday.

My sweet girl. You are ever changing and so, so beautiful. This period of time has had it's difficulties, but just like every mom will tell you, one little smile, one little kiss, makes all my frustration melt away. You are so active and learning so much!

You are still a little obsessed with the dog food and this is probably my greatest battle. I'm not sure what to do about it. I try to leave it down and do a lot of redirection, but you just won't give it up! So, often I pick it up. I do look forward to when you have a better understanding of what I'm saying!

You are also pretty into my jewelry box. Fortunately, you really only get into the bottom two drawers which contain things I don't care if you play with. My cheap long strand of pearls, for example. You thought you were something else when I put them on you!

Your list of words is growing constantly. Your favorite phrase is still "Ahh baba" which means "Aww baby." You say this anytime you hug something and will often follow one of the pups around the house bending over and putting your head on them saying "ahh baba." So cute! You say "go, mama, dada, dee (drink), hi, where di di di di di di, go? ('where did it go', but you get stuck on the did!), bow (bounce), ra (rock), rou (round), ba (balloon or ball), goo ga (good girl), ussat (what's that?), and ti to (tickle). That's all I can really think of right now. I think I may have heard you say thank you the other day, but I'm not positive yet.

{Apparently, I talk on the phone while holding my wallet a lot...}

You still love to eat! Everyone comments on how well you eat. Not necessarily as in quantity, but your skill with handling food. You've always been good at it. From a very young age you could pick up cheerios and other finger foods and eat them without a second thought. You've never choked (knock on wood!) and I think a lot of people question my mothering abilities because I don't bat an eye at some of the things you stick in your mouth (not that I don't watch). What you can't handle you spit out. You eat just about everything and haven't really turned your nose up at anything. You particularly love tomatoes which is sad because they give you TERRIBLE diaper rash. Fruit, veggies, meat are all good to you!

On the subject of food and eating, you have 8 teeth! Your two top middle, four bottom middle and two top molars. I took you to the dentist last week and she found the molars I didn't even know had come in. The dentist says your mouth and teeth look great, but that if your lip tie doesn't break on its own, we'll have to get it clipped at some point to encourage the gap between your front teeth to close.

You still nurse twice a day. Morning and night. You never ask at other times but you love those sessions. Especially at bed time. You have yet to get cow's milk in your cup since we are STILL going through my freezer stash of breastmilk! However, I think we're going to use all of that up by the end of the month... :(
I wish I had enough to get you through winter! I hate you not getting some of those extra immunities through cold and flu season.

Sleep and bed time are good! You've been on a bit of a nap strike for a few weeks, but I think it's coming to an end, thank goodness! You don't fight me on going to bed (knock on wood again!) and actually take it willingly. Maybe it's the prospect of some nursing time? Whenever I say "let's go ni-night Evelyn," you usually go and find your baby and your blankie and give dada a kiss and run off to your room and wait for me. Then when I come in, you close the door. I love it. Lately you've been ready for bed super early (like 6:30 or 7) and you still sleep until 8 or 8:30! I LOVE you for it!

You are NOT a fan of TV. Not that I'm complaining, but there have been a few instances where I think it would be nice to have you occupied for a few minutes (ahem, while I run downstairs to do laundry and you want the dog food) but you want nothing to do with it! No Elmo, no Dora, nothing. Oh well, I'm sure I'll be begging for the days when you aren't begging for TV at some point.

And, something super exciting, you can count to three! I know you don't know what it means, but it's still pretty cool!

You are just growing so fast and I'm so glad I'm back on the blog to keep these memories. I can't wait for the holidays this year!