Tuesday, October 30, 2012

4 Months

Another forgotten post! It's been fun reading these. I'm glad the only thing that kept me from posting was pictures! She would have been 4 months on October 30, so this is exactly 1 year late. Now she is 16 months!! :(

4 Months!! Oh my! The adventure has continued in a hectic month. You are becoming such a fun little person! I remember from when your cousin James was a baby how I always said that it just keeps getting better. It's so true! I love the surprises that come everyday.

You had a bit of a growth spurt this month and at your 4 month appointment you weighed 14 pounds 11 ounces and were 24.5 inches tall! That's the 79% for weight and 66% for height. My little chunky monkey! Your cheeks crack me up and so do your little thighs. I love watching you during bath time.

Speaking of bath time, this is still probably your favorite time of day! You love to splash in the water and try to grab the wash cloth or your toes. You smile and talk the whole time and your little rolls are so cute! You don't cry too much during lotion time anymore which I'm grateful for.

You aren't rolling over yet. I've decided that you just don't care too much. You are content to just hang out and play with your toys on your back. You don't like your tummy too much, but you're getting better at it. You still haven't rolled from tummy to back since your 2 month photos.

You're rocking the faux hawk still. And your "peacock feathers," as we like to call them (the hairs on the top/back of your head that stick straight up) are still in full bloom! We have to be careful because if we don't make sure your hair is laying down after we wash it, it will stick straight up and you end up with a real mohawk!

You still sleep like a champ! You even went 14 hours with only one wake-up one night. Nap times are getting a little more consistent, but are still pretty short. If you don't get your naps though you are pretty cranky!

You still love to babble and talk. You will lay down playing and just coo and sometimes scream and laugh. It's so cute! You were even saying "boo" one day, but I wasn't able catch it on video like I wanted.

Your favorite thing to do is blow raspberries! You are so good at it and it's so funny!