Friday, October 26, 2012

3 Months

I have a couple of these that I never published because I had to add pictures to them... oy. Here's Evelyn's (very late) 3 month post!

Happy 3 month birthday, Sweet Pea! It's funny, 3 months feels like some sort of milestone. Like, being 6 weeks pregnant felt like a milestone. Every day brings something new and exciting.

You babble all the time! You love to lay on the floor and talk to us. You enjoy your bouncy seat, especially when daddy and I are making dinner. You still LOVE bath time, until it's time to get out! Then daddy and I have our "entertainment marathon" where we try and keep you from crying while we do lotion and pj's!

You haven't rolled over since your two months pictures but I wonder if it will be soon.

You give us smiles all the time. You are such a happy baby!

You had your first shots and cried... I hated it!  But, after a little comforting (and some Tylenol) you were fine! You were definitely a little cranky that week, but soon enough our happy baby was back!

Mommy went back to work this month and you had a bit of a time transitioning. It was definitely worse for me than it was for you, but daddy loves his time alone with you.

You still sleep really well, sometimes up to 12 hours at night. But, on the flipside, you don't really nap much. I'm lucky if you sleep 45 minutes during the day.

You are growing so much! Your baby mullet is turning into a bit of a "faux hawk" with your hair growing down the middle but not on the sides.

You still eat about every two hours and I'm hoping you might start to stretch that out a bit but I love my snuggle time with you while you're nursing. This is definitely my favorite time.

Here's to another month!