Friday, March 19, 2010

Yesterday was awesome...

Long pause... NOT!

I had been looking forward to yesterday all week. Wednesday, I spent a great day hanging out with my mom, my favorite thing to do, and had plans to help my best friend and lovely neighbor, Valerie, paint her nursery. She's a little over 6 months pregnant with what I'm sure will be a chunky, dimple-cheeked, adorable baby boy for me to spoil. We got up, went to Home Depot, picked up some paint and got started. She was taping and I was trimming. Literally, within the span of 5 minutes, it hit me. Excruciating pain like I've never felt before. It started as a small ache in my side like I turned wrong and quickly had me doubled over and barely able to stand, let alone talk and tell anyone what was going on. Not like I could really figure out what was going on myself.

She was amazing. She grabbed me an ice pack (the first thing I could think of to help the pain) and asked what she could do. If you know me, you know I'm not one to take things too seriously. I don't go to the doctor very often, let alone the emergency room, but I was at a loss. I needed help. So, I called Rob and told him to come pick me up and take me to the ER. While I was waiting for him, I vomited (I'm still embarrassed that I left that in a bowl in Valerie's kitchen sink) and she graciously put my shoes on. We hopped in the car (okay, I didn't hop, but you know) and made our way to the ER.

Vomiting must have done something because I was already feeling better. They checked me in and we waited. And waited. And waited. I was feeling fine for the most part by then and really just wanted to go home. But, we needed to get checked out.

5 hours, 1 cat scan, and a urine test later and I was diagnosed with a kidney stone. They said I probably already passed it. Thank God. It was awful. I NEVER want to experience that again. I've heard though, that the pain of a kidney stone is akin to labor and childbirth. So, I feel a renewed sense of confidence that I will be able to survive the experience.

I guess I'll be adding a little more of this to my diet:

But that's another battle in an of itself.