Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wedded Wednesday

Running a home. I think this is one of the greatest struggles we dealt with as a newly married couple. Determining the routine of our house. Who would cook? Who would clean? Who is in charge of finances? We had our fair share of tiffs in association with learning the ropes of home ownership, but almost 2 years into our marriage, I think we have ironed most of it out (haha, only to have it upset again by a baby, hopefully).

We were as green as it gets when it comes to homeownership (and I'm not talking eco-friendly). Neither of us had lived on our own before, even through college we both lived at home. We had never experienced caring for ourselves. I must say, I think I adjusted a lot more quickly and efficiently than Rob. While I had never lived on my own, I definitely knew the basics of running a home. Cooking, cleaning, laundry, general maintenance. Though Rob would never admit it, I'm still the one who does most of the housework. Even cutting the grass. I have to laugh because I'm the one that had to light the pilot on the water heater when it went out and I put the Christmas lights up. I think I even changed the headlights on his car and put air in his tires. What can I say?

The business has definitely affected the balance of these activities. But that's okay. There are times when I feel frustrated about the lack of help on his part, but a small mention of my feelings and he's asking how he can help. He's good like that (I think it's a guy thing that you have to ASK for things to get done). He's awesome about cleaning up after dinner and usually takes the dogs out.

This is what marriage is all about, right? Finding your niche. Making it work. Learning together. We'll see what I'm saying about things when we throw a little one into the mix. :)