Friday, January 11, 2013

Evelyn's Big Girl Room: Before

You've been hearing me mention Evelyn's big girl room a lot lately. We're on a deadline to the tune of March 11ish and I still have barely started on it. I have plans and decorations and a pinterest board and everything, but not much progress. Thankfully, we've started to work on it this week.

This room has been through a bit of an evolution in the five years (really!? five years!?) we've lived here. When we moved in, it was a nice, organized office. Then an office + a sewing room. Then an office + sewing + piano room. All the while housing ridiculous amounts of junk. Seriously. Please tell me everyone has a room in their house where they just stick the stuff they don't know what to do with? That was this room.

Now, out of necessity - and an increasing itch to make it presentable to house guests instead of an eyesore upon which I close the door - it is going through yet another transformation into a girly, yet not too girly room for my first born.

Here is the room before. Actually, this is more in the middle. Seriously guys, this room could have been on an episode of hoarders. Minus the dead animals and such. It feels good to purge.


When I first thought of Evelyn's big girl room, I got excited about painting and such. Then I realized that I kind of love this paint color. It's just the perfect shade of blue. Light enough to certainly not be considered masculine, yet feminine enough to not be girly. I'm team no-pink over here. Well, to an extent.

I also thought about furniture. Do I go buy her furniture? Convert the crib and buy a new crib? Use my old furniture? I couldn't resist the cheapest option which is handing down a very old family heirloom (sorry for the terrible pics):

{Headboard - OMG, my basement! This was in the midst of what I"m referring to as the great purge} 

{Chest of drawers} 



This set is old. As in over 100 years old. Handed down through the generations and in really great condition. I considered painting it white until my mom nearly had a heart attack and I saw the sheer amount of laquer I'd have to sand off of it. So it will remain in this state though I might change the knobs. I wish I could replace the mirror since it really looks kind of worn and yucky, but I think that would be difficult.

So, wall color - check. Furniture - check. Now comes the fun part. Decor! I seriously suck at interior decorating. I'm a math teacher for crying out loud. My creative gene doesn't exist. That, and all I see when I'm shopping for decorations is dollar signs. Then I came across this on clearance at Bed Bath and Beyond:

I know. It's pink! But, it has the perfect accent of blue in it to match the walls with a nice vintage feel to go with the furniture. At least I hope that's how it all works out. 

I've also got some other ideas brewing such these cute wall hangings made of simple fabric in embroidery hoops:

{Courtesy of Apartment Therapy}

Some cute little paintings that I thought Rob could do. Only I was thinking a countryside scene instead of Paris:

{Courtesy of Lemontree Creations}

We'll see how it all turns out, but I'm excited to finally get started on the more fun stuff!