Saturday, November 14, 2009

Back, again

I seem to find myself in the same place with this blog over and over. I continually look at the link sitting on my bookmarks bar at the top of my web browser and think, "I should blog today." But I don't. I have the ultimate lame excuse every time. I just so busy. But am I? Am I that overwhelmed with my everyday life that I can't take 15 minutes out of my day to reflect on it? I notice the weeks and month sliding by so quickly that it scares me to death on how many memories I may be missing. It's been two months since I blogged last. No, three. Ouch. Where to begin? Teaching? Marriage? Family? My boys? Maybe I can successfully condense it down to a somewhat readable post.

  • August began a new school year and can I say, I LOVE my job! Granted, I'm realizing just how little I know about science, but how good is it to be able to say that I love going to work? I am teaching 6th, 7th, and 9th grade science. Although, I've convinced myself that I'm a math teacher as well since I'm in the midst of physics with my 9th graders. I am also the librarian for half of the day. It's fabulous. 
  • September was just a fleeting moment. Adjusting to my new position and fighting to keep my head above water was a challenge, but I made it and I'm finally settled into a routine. It also brought some major decisions. Rob and I bought new cars. Yes, carS. Multiple. Two. Was this the worst decision we've ever made? Possibly. We both needed them. I got a beautiful, used, 2009 Chevy Malibu, for one heck of a price, I might add. Rob, on the other hand got this baby:

  • A 2010 Chevy Camaro, in cyber grey. Now, before you get in a tizzy about these major purchases, Camaros are not as expensive as some may think. We can certainly handle it, but it's definitely a huge change to our monthly budget. And, Rob will probably sell it in a year or two when we decide to start a family. You see,  Camaros hold their value quite well. Just consider it an investment. And, who knew? Our insurance on these two cars is less than our insurance was on our old ones! 
  • October was pure insanity. My sister-in-law celebrated a birthday. I celebrated a birthday (23!). My niece celebrated a birthday (2!). Parent teacher conferences. Halloween parties. Its finally over! Here's Isabella on her birthday:

  • She's winking! So stinking cute!
  • And, here we are in November. Half way through I might add. It's been very exciting so far. Some friends of ours got married. And I got some very exciting news that I'm not allowed to share yet. (No, I'm not pregnant). And, here I am, finally taking a moment to sit and reflect. What a awesome life I'm living. I'll leave you with one happy couple!