Monday, November 30, 2009

It's officially Christmastime!

Not to skip right over the Turkey - believe me, I respect the Turkey - but I'm just too excited about our Christmas decorations!

Quickly, Thanksgiving was wonderful, as usual. We had dinner with my family on Wednesday and his on Thursday and thoroughly enjoyed both!

Rob had to work Friday so did a little shopping (not until 10 thank you!) and we just spent the evening together. On Saturday, the real fun began. Observe:

The tree in all it's glory. I LOVE our tree. It is beautiful and makes me smile.

"Our First Christmas Together" ornament from last year. :)

This years ornament: "Merry Smoochmas"

My angels. I Love my angels.

Another of my favorites.  A few years ago, Hallmark released ornaments called Illuminations. They light up and transition in color beautifully. I got them 90% off when they discontinued them. Gorgeous.

:) Snowman!

I realize it's really dark, but the outside. We have two wreaths and an angel. This is our first year with lights on the roof and I love them!