Friday, December 12, 2008


Yesterday was um, err... eventful. I took off work because I had my last final (woo-hoo!) and needed to get the paperwork signed for the class I tested out of. I also had to deep clean my house for the cookie exchange I hosted last night. So I got up and started taking care of the clutter (it kind of builds up when you don't clean it every once in a while, you know?). I hadn't really cleaned my house in a few weeks because I was up to my eyeballs with school work. I then wandered over to Lindenwood to take my final and take care of some last minute things. Afterward, I came home and finished cleaning (it really felt good!) and got ready for the party.

Well, at about 10:30 am yesterday, I got the following text from Rob at work: "Something is going down today at work... XXX said it isn't good. I'll know in about an hour. Try not to worry it may be nothing bad and I trust God to get us through whatever it may be. Love u!"

What???!!! Okay, here's the back story: Rob works for company X. Company X got bought by company Y (making company XY) who says they won't be doing major job cuts (right....). Now company XY is outsourcing all of their techinical support to the Philippines!!! HAHAHAHAhahaha! Ho. Ha. Ahem. Um, what? Are they morons? 
So, in one year my hubby is getting laid off. Yeah, it could definitely be worse considering some companies only give a day or two notice (:::cough::: A-B) but still, who likes to hear that their job is in jeopardy? Rob has a GOOD job. It pays decent and the benefits are great (okay, not great, but definitely above average). 

I can't say that Rob is disappointed. He isn't really fond of his job. You see, he supports a piece of software stock brokers use in trading. When it doesn't work right they get a little frustrated. Then they call Rob and he gets to fix their problem. It's slightly stressful work. I mean these people could be losing mucho money when the software doesn't work right, so he's under a lot of pressure. But it's a good job! 

Ugh... now the pressure is on for me to get a teaching position next year and Rob has to find something else. In this job market, I'm a little scared. Maybe by next year, things will be better. 

I'll tell you though, this economy isn't being nice to us. My dad's on temp. disability for his heart, my brother got laid off, my sister-in-law got laid off, my brother-in-law might get laid off, as well as my aunt and Rob's cousin. It sucks. I guess this is one moment I'm thankful to be a teacher - a little job security! If I can get a job.

I guess I'm just a little annoyed. Annoyed that these higher-ups in companies want to ship US jobs to the Philippines. Annoyed that our economy sucks. Annoyed that I'm not a millionaire and can give away all my money to people who need it (hey, a girl can dream, right?). 

Okay, vent over. I'm still working on my Christmas video, by the way. Stay tuned!