Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My First Shower!

I had my first bridal shower last Saturday! It was so much fun! It was really strange being the center of attention, but I think I handled it pretty well. You can see my "problem" in a couple of the pictures.

Here is said "Problem:"
Okay, first, check out the fabulous cake. It was delicious! Now, if you look very closely you will notice the "problem." Right around my neck area. Looks a bit like hives... maybe like someone has just tried strangling me? This is what happens when I get nervous. I flush a wonderfully vibrant red similar to that of a tomato for all the world to see. This is my current area of worry as far as my looks for the wedding. Forget low lighting, I'll be glowing!

Anyway, back to the shower... I'll just let the pictures tell the story. I got some great gifts and got to hang out with some family and friends (something I don't get to do very often!). It was a blast and Jocelyn, her mom, and Ashley did a wonderful job!

I have another one in two weeks! Woo-hoo!!!