Friday, March 28, 2008

I'm done with vacuuming...

I went to my house today to check the mail and put my trash can back in the garage. While I was there I decided to do a couple of things I had been meaning to do: organize the folders for the desk, tape off the bathrooms for painting, and vacuum the floors. Well, I organized the folders, no problem. Then I vacuumed. I'm done with vacuuming. At the risk of grossing you out, I will show you why:

This is the last round of unclogging the carpet fiber from the vacuum cleaner. I do this at least once usually twice every time I vacuum and I have to change the bag every time I vacuum as well. Ugh! I feel like I make a bigger mess vacuuming than cleaning up. But, I have to get past this point with the carpeting and I can only do it by vacuuming. :(