Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Product RAVE

I don't think I've ever really raved about a product on my blog, which says a lot. If I am so happy with something that I feel the need to share it on my blog, it must be good.

SMALL DISLCAIMER: This post may be a little TMI for some (it's really not that bad). If you don't want to read about bras and boobs, don't continue.

That said, as I pointed out in an earlier post, I've gained a little weight and have decided I need to ramp up my exercise routine. (Can I increase an exercise routine that never existed?) How I was going to exercise was a bit of a problem for me. I thought about getting out my old bike, but it's buried in my parents shed and probably needs a new tube. I thought about walking/running, but was worried about my feet. Well, I got some new shoes for a great price (perks of working at a shoe store) and they've been feeling pretty good. I really wanted to try the couch to 5k program, but ran into one issue. Keeping "the girls" in place. I've done various forms of exercise in the past and anything more "strenuous" than walking was a problem because I could never find a bra that really held them in place. I mean, they can cause some pain if you don't have proper support! So, now that I had some good shoes, I decided I needed to find a good bra.

SUCCESS!!! I searched the internet and came across a message board that was talking about big-breasted women who run and the bras they wear. Over and over, I saw this bra.

 Um, WOW. I was pretty skeptical to start out. They didn't really carry my true size, but I went ahead and ordered something pretty darn close and anxiously awaited my package in the mail. I pulled it out, still skeptical and from the looks of it thought, "Yeah, this can't possibly do anything. There's nothing to it!" I put it on and I swear the heavens opened and the angels sang. This bra is fantastic. Not only did I RUN around the house and bask in the glory that my boobs weren't hitting me in the face, but I could do jumping jacks in this baby and they hardly moved an inch! I'm sold.

Top that with at super soft, non-chafing, moisture-wicking material and I've got it made.

I guess I can't use "them" as an excuse for exercise anymore.