Thursday, June 18, 2009

4 and 9

Only four more days until I can officially feel my liberation from Lindenwood.

  • Complete coursework: Check
  • Pay all balances: Check (Can I hear an amen for no student loans?)
  • Attend graduation: Check (yes, I did walk for those who are wondering)
  • Receive diploma: To be mailed June 22
I am so unbelievably happy right now, you can't imagine. I've fought my last battle over my account balance and I'm free!

Let me enjoy this for a moment.

Okay, moving on... 

... The newlywed 9... ahem, 10? Hmmm... I've decided it's time to start some sort of exercise routine. Fortunately, I haven't really had to focus too much on my weight since the wedding. I didn't diet for the wedding. Now, I'm finding the scale creeping upward. It's the scale, right? That's what I was telling myself, when much to my dismay, after a little trip to the doctor, I've seemed to have gained approximately 10 pounds. I don't like it. I don't like it at all. 

I blame it on my job. (I have to blame it on something, right?) I've always worked jobs which require a bit more physical activity than most. I worked for close to 5 years shelving books at a library (quite the romantic spot, if you ask me) which required a lot of repetitive lifting and squatting. Lifting and squatting. Now, say it with me, lifting and squatting. Oh, and walking. And lifting and squatting.

Proceed to teaching. Anyone who is a teacher knows how much time is spent on your feet. And, as a middle school teacher I was always trying to keep the energy alive in my classroom by moving around, "dancing," and doing other random activities that outright make me look like a complete idiot. Nuff said. Oh, and the lack of real lunches probably helped. I was usually able to sneak in a fruit and jello cup (one of my favorite snacks) and some yogurt. Quite the diet.  And dinner? Dinner and student teaching don't mix.

Fast forward to the present. I found a summer job working retail. The hours suck, that's a given. And, I'm sure to bring a book with me every day. Isn't it exciting? This sedentary job has taken me off guard and my traditional eating habits just will not do anymore. 

I'm now beginning an adventure in meal-planning and an exercise  regimen. Meal planning so far has been pretty fun. Exercise? Not so much. I've thought about taking up running. Doing the couch to 5k seems fascinating. I may try it, though I fear I will regret it with my plantar fasciitis. Bring on the pain. If that doesn't work, I may pull out my old bike. It's not too rusty. Do you think it's still cute? It's purple. I got it around the time I was 10. If those don't work out, I'm not sure what I'll do. Any suggestions? I'm probably going to pull out the Wii Fit. Just for some more "relaxing" work. I don't imagine that will fix my 10 pounds though. 

Okay, I'm done with my weighty woes. Tell me I'm not the only one though. How did you keep your weight in check? And hurry, I had to pull out my swimsuit yesterday... my legs don't quite look as nice as they did last time that thing saw the light of day... Here's to losing 10 pounds.