Monday, August 29, 2011

2 Months

I have a feeling I am going to begin every single one of these posts thinking, "How has it already been another month already?" Here we are though, your 2 month birthday.

When I think about the past two months, all I do is smile. You've truly made my world perfect. I feel as though I was made for this whole mommy thing and you were made to be my daughter. You are changing every day. Growing and learning with such speed, I feel as though I'm going to miss it if I so much as blink.

You're smiles are becoming much more frequent and I LOVE them! You wake up with a smile every morning and it just makes me melt! However, capturing them still seems to be a little tough.

You seem to be finding your voice and are constantly "talking" while on your activity mat or are interacting with people. I think you'll start giving me little laughs soon!

You've rolled over a few times now, though still not really on purpose and always front to back.

You still love to be worn and we go for a walk almost every morning. You love bath time, but you're not so sure about tummy time...

You are getting on a better schedule and are beginning to take regular naps during the day. Additionally, you sleep so well at night! Hopefully I'm not jinxing things, but you sleep 7 to even 9 hours on a regular basis at night. We definitely have occasions when our nights don't go so well, but I can't complain!

I wish I could put into words just how much I love you and the profound impact you have had on our lives, but I know I couldn't even come close. So for now, I will cling to these moments of snuggles and the sweet baby smell knowing that you are going to grow up before I know it. And, hopefully you will know just how much you mean to me.

I love you more than anything.