Monday, August 8, 2011

One Month

**I know this is late, I wrote it almost 2 weeks ago and have been trying to get my pictures together to put in the post!**

If the speed this month has passed is any indication of what is to come (which I'm sure it is) I'm absolutely terrified! I am clinging to every last second of your tiny newborn stage because I know I will crave it as you get bigger. Just like every mommy though, I can't wait to watch you grow and learn.

You are so different even today than you were a month ago. You are much more alert and active. You love to watch things and your current obsession is the fan. Any fan will do. You will sit and watch it for 15 minutes at a time if you are content! You also love your ladybug rattle and tummy time! I know it isn't on purpose, but you have rolled from your tummy  to your back 4 times already! I think you just wiggle enough to worm your way over.

You must love your mommy because you sleep very well! I usually put you to bed at around 11 and you sleep for 2 or 3 eight hour stretches. Sometimes you don't like to go back to sleep in your crib, but you're getting better at it. I've been trying to move your bed time back, but you aren't having any of that! You are so awake at night that bedtime before then is out of the question. We'll get there though.

You are so squeaky!! You grunt and squeak and make the cutest little noises when you are sleeping or playing. You've started cooing and you will gurgle sometimes. It's adorable!

I can't believe you are already outgrowing your newborn clothes! According to my scale you weigh around 10 lbs, which is two pounds higher than you were born. You definitely love to eat, though it has been a learning process for us both. I love this time though. I love being close to you and having this peaceful time to just soak you in. Sometimes it's hard though because you have a hard time eating and our peaceful nursing sessions turn stressful. But, we always make sure to make up those snuggles at other times of the day.

Just as I did when you were still in my belly, I'm soaking up every second. I can't wait to see how you grow and I am so excited for month 2!