Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Isn't it funny...?

I love it when I hear the phrase, "I'd like to settle down." You know when you're talking to someone who is still exploring what life has to offer and they say, "I think I'm ready to settle down. Get married, have kids." Whoever said anything about settling down? I, for one, don't consider this whole marriage thing to be a "settling down" experience. I mean, sometimes growing up sucks the big one. I find myself thinking that once I get past school things will "settle down" a little bit. ::Snort:: Riiiiiggggghhhhtttt.... When someone finds out how to get life to settle down, let me know. Mmmkay? I'm really interested.

I got on blogger today with good intentions of updating my look and making a post about changing up my blog in conjunction with my transition into life as a married woman, but alas, the internet here is getting a big fat 650 kbps. For all you non-techies out there that's called slow as molasses. So, there will be no fabulous pictures and no face lift because I refuse to wait 10 minutes for a picture to upload.

So, hopefully tonight, while I'm procrastinating on my homework I will get some motivation to use our sweet 15mbps connection at home and get some stuff going.

On a lighter note, consider this an interim post until I get in a better mood. :o)