Blogging has given me an amazing network of friends (I didn't even put quotes around that!). It's amazing how much you can feel like you know someone you've never met. I've learned so much from these people and have enjoyed following their blogs - some for many years. Maybe you will enjoy them too!

Amy @ MotherhoodImperfected
Julia @ MyLifeInTransition
Kim @ NewlyWoodwards
Kristal @ MamaAtHome
Lauren @ LiveLaughLove
Leah @ MaritalBless
Mary @ TwoPittiesandaLittleLady
Meredith @ VivaLaBuenaVida
Sherry @ ASherryHomeCompanion
Veronica @ TheyDon'tSellWafflesatWalgreens
Clary Pfeiffer @ Clary Photo Blog (My Wedding Photographer)