Saturday, June 29, 2013

Adam Jonathan: 3 Months

**I swear I've had this post written for 2 weeks! I just stink at getting pictures in... **

Here we go again. Another month gone. Another month that my baby is less of a baby. :(

3 Months! It seems like such a milestone. That magical number where your baby doesn't seem to be quite so "newborn-ish." How true it is!

This month I have really started to see improvements in our daily routines. You aren't so unpredictable anymore and you are starting to sleep much better!

Speaking of sleep, let's just get the big question out of the way right now. Do you sleep through the night? No. But pretty close! You usually go to bed around 8 and are up at 12 or 2 (never 1 for some reason?) and then again around 5-6. The last wake-up I can never seem to get you back in bed so we either try and get a little more sleep in the chair or on the couch or, if it's really early, I'll bring you back to bed with me. My goal these days is to get you to sleep until 7. I never thought I'd think of 7 as sleeping in! I really can't complain though. You nap fairly well when we are home and will definitely let us know when you are tired! You also love to sleep with your face covered. Unfortunately, I can't really do that. But, when you are being held and rocked to sleep you will wiggle yourself and turn you face and bury it in my arm or chest. If you are napping in your swing, I'll often put your blanky right by your head and you almost always will manage to get it over your face. I then have to watch you closely and move it away. At night, you seem to be content to be swaddled for the most part though!

You HATE the car seat still. This is unfortunate because Dada and I love to go, go, go! Hopefully you will learn soon that it's not so bad. This definitely seems to be improving weekly.

You also went on your first vacation to Chicago! You did pretty well with the car ride and sleeping in the hotel. Far less stressful than I thought!

You don't nurse quite as often as Evelyn did. Every 3 hours seems to satisfy you. Though you nurse a little longer than she did and that's okay. It's funny how my nursing relationship with you is so different from Evelyn's. You don't seem to be as interested in snuggling while nursing. You want to eat and be done and then snuggle otherwise. Evelyn only seemed to want to snuggle while nursing. I rarely nurse you to sleep, unlike Evelyn. Though I do rock you to sleep. I love rocking you to sleep.

You've started playing with your toys! You seem to like Sophie and your little play mat. You bat at things and are getting better at aiming!

You are smiling up a storm and babbling away! You love it when I talk to you and you will smile and talk right back!

You still love to be held and worn and hate to be set down and left alone at all.

You've found your hands and I swear you are teething. You have been sucking/gnawing on your hands non-stop for a few weeks now as well as drooling and lots of waves of crankiness. I hope if it is teeth, they make their appearance soon! I don't like seeing you uncomfortable!

You are definitely a spitter like your sister and you find the most inopportune times to do it. Usually right after we change your clothes or when we are in someone else's house and you want to christen their floor.

 You also got dedicated this month. What a sweet moment as a parent to know that I have been blessed with caring for you and loving you. It is so amazing. You did your duty and cried on cue, but it was perfect all the same.

You get happier everyday (which is a nice change from your crankiness!) and I love to watch you grow and change.

Your puppy buddies are warming up to you as well.

I love you buddy.

My perfect little family.

 I'm so lucky to get to watch you grow up.